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The Importance of Reflective Supervision/Consultation

The Oklahoma Association for Infant Mental Health identifies and promotes the development of a qualified workforce to support the emotional development of infants, toddlers and families.

Reflective supervision/consultation goes beyond clinical supervision to shared exploration of the parallel process, i.e., attention to all of the relationships, including that between practitioner and parent, between parent and infant/toddler, and between practitioner and supervisor. It is critical to understand how each of these relationships affects the others.

Of additional importance, by attending to the emotional content of the work and how reactions to the content affect the work, reflective supervision/consultation relates to professional and personal development within one's discipline. Finally, there is often greater emphasis on the supervisor/consultant's ability to listen and wait, allowing the supervisee to discover solutions, concepts and perceptions on his/her own without interruption from the supervisor/consultant. Below you will find a list of providers of reflective supervision/consultation in the state of Oklahoma who are qualified to supervise OK-AIMH Endorsement® applicants.

Endorsement Requirements for Reflective Consultation

Candidates applying for the Infant Family Specialist must receive a minimum of 24 clock hours in no less than one year and no more than a two-year time frame. Candidates applying for the Infant Mental Health Specialist must have received a minimum of 50 clock hours of reflective consultation within the same 1-2 year time frame. Reflective consultation that meets criteria for endorsement must come from someone who is Endorsed as an Infant Mental Health Specialist or Mentor.

The only exception is candidates who are pursuing Endorsement as an Infant Family Specialist and are Bachelor's prepared can receive qualified reflective consultation from someone who has earned Endorsement as an Infant Family Specialist AND is Master's prepared.

Reflective Consultants

Oklahoma City Area
Amy Chlouber, LPC
Infant Mental Health Mentor (IMH-E®-IV-C)
*Serving some areas of Western Oklahoma

Madison Clark, M.Ed
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-S), Endorsed Infant Mental Health Specialist (IMH-E®-III)

Angela Fultz, MA, LPC
Infant Mental Health Mentor (IMH-E®-IV-C)

Ellen Simmons, Ms, LPC
Infant Mental Health Specialist (IMH-E®-III)

Tulsa Area
Letitia (Tish) Dehart, LCSW
Infant Mental Health Specialist (IMH-E®-III)

Tara Glenn
Infant Mental Health Specialist (IMH-E®-III)

Trena Hickinbotham, MSE
Infant Mental Health Specialist (IMH-E®-III)
*Serving Tulsa & Rogers County

Ashleigh Kraft, LPC

Stacey Leakey, PhD
Infant Mental Health Mentor (IMH-E®-IV-C)

Amber Masters, LPC
Infant Mental Health Specialist (IMH-E®-III)

Candice Primm, LCSW
Infant Mental Health Specialist (IMH-E®-III)